My Real Resume

My resume, the one I use to prove I'm qualified when I want a job, doesn't tell you anything about where I've been or what I've learned about how to live in the world. So I've written "My Real Resume."

Here is the story of an ordinary person's life.

Sacramento, 7/79-7/89
"The Interview"

All I had to do was wear a suit and tie.

"The Feminist Psychologist"

Lunch with a psychologist who couldn't feel another's pain.

"The Missing Man"

Stirring ads and sentimental symbols glorify and perpetuate war.

"The Reunion"

People can appear to change and not really change that much.

San Francisco, 2/77-7/80

"The Radio"

I thought the boss could live with who he was.

"The Alley"

I drank and smoked to make myself feel good, but all that ever did was get me stoned.

"The Box"

There is no way to have a mutual understanding without communicating.

San Diego, 7/89-2/93 and 6/95-9/97
"Mr. Cat"

Sometimes a cat is a man's best friend.

"Fired in San Diego"

Working a job is not being owned by your employer.

"My Real Resume"

You can learn a lot by hearing the details of an ordinary person's life.

Copyright © 1997 Bill Appledorf